June 4-6th AFBC Conference
May 31 P. Costellos speach
Jul 14-16 AFBC Conference
Aug 2nd Election campaign
Nov 26th Community Awareness – drugs
Dec 19th Christmas Concert 
Feb 26th Kevin Crombie
Apr 5th Foundations for Healthy Relationships
Apr 10th Prophetic Look at World Affairs WITH Don Stanton
Apr 23rd A Passover celebration Led by Don Stanton
Apr 30th Changing The Abortion Landscape
May 14th Our National Day Of Thanksgiving
May 16th An Introductory Seminar to introduce a Seminary
Jun 7th Free Concert By The Cedarville Singers
Jul 13-15th Why Israel? Bible Prophecy Unfolding Today!
Oct 23rd Left Behind – The World at War
Dec 20th Christmas Concert Jesus is the Reason for the Season
Mar 4th “Breaking The Da Vinci Code”
May 12th Free showing of The Da Vinci Code -Fact Or Fiction DVD on the big screen.
May 27th Free Concert By The Cedarville Singers
May 31st  – 3 Jun An Adaption Of Pilgrim’s Progress
Jul12-14th AFBC Conference
July 22 The Cross & The Switchblade
Aug 7th Dr.David Crandall Answer In Genesis – USA Worldwide Director
Aug 12th Run Baby Run
Sept 9th Unlocking the Mystery of Life
Dec 15th Jesus Is The Reason For The Season
October 29th Advanced private screening of “One Night With The King
December 21st “John Newton Bicentenary Celebration
Feb 3rd How We Began on the big screen.
Feb 3rd
Jan 1st New Year Message – Pastor Rame
Apr 16th Shadow Government
May 23rd Ethic Classes
May 28th The River Within
Jan 28th Beyond Narnia