Premiering at

Inner West Baptist Church

9 Exeter Rd Homebush West

(Opposite Homebush West Public School)


on Sunday October 23rd @ 6.00pm

Free Admission


For more Information contact

Pastor Peter Rahme on (02) 9742 5719





A year and a half ago the world was hit with the biggest catastrophe it had ever seen. Without warning and without explanation, hundreds of millions of people simply vanished off the face of the earth. The world was in chaos like it had never been before. Yet somehow, one man seemed to rise to the challenge. One man had the strength and conviction to unite a shattered world. One man gave the world hope. That man was Nicolae Carpathia (Currie). He now rules the entire world.

President Gerlad Fitzhugh (Gossett), like most of America, whole-heartedly supports Nicolae's new global leadership, but there are those who do not. A dangerous militia movement and an underground group of born-again Christians actively, but separately, work to bring Nicolae down. Their reasons for resistance may be different, but both groups are labeled as dangerous terrorists that Fitzhugh must stop without mercy. After an attempt on his life though, Fitzhugh begins to look closer at Nicolae and his new World Government. He forces Buck Williams (Cameron), an international journalist who has an inside track to Nicolae, to help him. Buck is a Christian and believes that Nicolae is actually the prophesied Antichrist, but Fitzhugh wants facts - not stories.

With the help of a Militia Spy, Fitzhugh uncovers the government's horrific plans for genocide and quickly he joins the very resistance he had sacrificed so much to destroy. Meanwhile thousands are infected with the government's deadly manufactured virus, including Buck's new wife Chloe Steele (Stephens) and his mentor Pastor Bruce Barnes (Pinnock). With time running out both Fitzhugh and Buck must make the toughest decisions of their lives.


The emphasis on prayer motivated my own communion with our Father. The image of the underground church made me appreciate the family of faith we have. Keep up the great work!! - Max Lucado

"The Best – Bar none." - Chuck Smith, Founder Calvary Chapels

"Bigger and Better with a clear witness to Jesus Christ."

- Ted Baehr MovieGuide

"This is the best picture Cloud Ten has produced to date. The production quality and acting is as good as anything you'll see out of the traditional Hollywood studios."

- Paul Crouch Jr. TBN

"This is Christian film-making at its best -- gripping adventure, tense storyline, outstanding production and a solid portrayal of the Gospel. We commend Cloud Ten, the crew and the cast of Left Behind: World at War for a great job."

- Tim Wildmon, President American Family Association

"Absolutely the Best." - Ron Luce Teen Mania

"5 DOVES - This is the best Left Behind film so far. ... This movie is comprised of some excellent acting, along with great special effects. I have to admit, I didn't think this film would be able to produce sequences that rival large studios. I highly recommend watching this movie."


"The film presented a very creative, contemporary approach to understanding key concepts of the Tribulation and clearly inspires a response to the Person of Christ."

-Dr. Tony Evans
Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"We have viewed the movie and highly recommend that churches make use of this prime opportunity to reach people for Christ through the film media. You will agree that this movie is a “grade A” production, powerfully impacting in true Hollywood style. This action-packed thriller has a life-transforming message and is strongly evangelistic."

- John Zuch, Executive Director for Church Ministries, Christian and Missionary Alliance

"Based on a best selling novel, starring an Oscar winning actor, produced by a veteran and dedicated crew, Left Behind World at War, thrills on many levels. It's packed with action, drama, suspense and delivers the gospel message clearly and passionately.... This is an action-packed, drama thriller that will encourage those with faith and convict every sinner."

- "Pastor John Hagee"


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